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Monday, November 24, 2008


I made it through a second job interview this morning.  The interview was short -- 30 minutes -- and the business had fewer than 15 people working.  

I found this job opening by first going through a temp agency.  I have yet to meet the temp agency that has impressed me with their professionalism, follow through and support of the individuals it represents. While the woman who called me about the permanent hire position for which I interviewed was quite professional, the rest of the staff at the temp agency left something to be desired.

I find myself willing to accept up to a 25% cut in my pay.  This unemployment thing has ceased to be delightful.  As long as I have enough coming in, I guess we'll be OK.

On a sort of related topic, President-Elect Obama named four individuals to his economic team.  Even with this annoucement and the confident, positive tone of Obama's speech along with the thoughtful way he answered the press' questions.  Click here then scroll down for the transcript of his comments from earlier today: 

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