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Monday, January 25, 2010

Opportunity at the Metro stop

(from my iPhone about 5:35 pm)

I've been waiting 20 minutes at what is usually no more than a ten minute wait for Red line. Apparently, there is some 'maintenance issue' so trains running in both directions have to share one track. It's the first delay of this sort in months. Instead of walking to the next stop after a leisurely supper in downtown LA, I'm listening to a live announcer tell me it's only a 3 minute wait for the next train going my way.

As the 4th train going the other way stops then opens its doors with its passengers staring blankly through the huddled masses waiting along with me.

I'd be grateful for the long break if it wasn't for the four trains stopping in front of me going the other way.

I must be out of my everloving mind! The train going my way is here but too crammed! Another disconnected voice saying another one is coming in 5 minutes. Well, at least the crowd has thinned out.

(and, the next train was considerably less crowded. I wound up getting home 40 minutes later than usual. Still, it makes me wonder if maybe blogging, unlike songwriting or a lunch break, isn't something better done at home with the TV on and my partner engaging me in conversation)

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Tea Time with Donna said...

blogging @ home vs on the road? Well as long as you aren't blogging while driving & you have the capability, then why does it matter where you are?? But then again, maybe that wasn't your point after all. ???
Engaging conversation while blogging?? Now there lies a subject worth delving into & blogging! ;)

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