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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Another good soaking

And, we still have a day or two more of this cold water dripping from the sky. How does everyone else in the U.S. manage this much water all at once? Here's some photos from the Boulevard neighborhood showing how the cars driving down Franklin Ave. were handling standing water in a decent downpour in the middle of the afternoon. . .

Even a set of stairs leading up to an apartment house was sort of getting into the act.

I have to admit I am having a lot of fun just walking in the rain. We don't get a lot of it here in southern California, so when it happens, I find a safe place to be and try to get outside for walks as often as I can.

The sunshine returns by late Friday. Hoping for some more unique rain-soaked photos tomorrow.

1 comment:

Tea Time with Donna said...

Yo MH39! Didn't know you blogged - kool! Will put you in my fav's.

Luv this whacky weather! Went to jacuzzi in downpour!! What's nice is knowing we'll be back 2 sunny so cal in no time!!
What the hail? LOL!!
SoCal 'Dorothy' ;)

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