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Sunday, September 6, 2009

I lasted about 36 hours

I was all set for a politics-free weekend. The "honey-do" list I had was long and, as of now, is not yet complete so I can finish it up today and still have tomorrow to goof off. I finally saw Inglorious Basterds (expected gory and chatty, got both. Didn't expect funny and got that, too) and am rocking out to the Sonisphere festival, highlights of which are being broadcast on Palladia as I type.

I had only heard of Van Jones in the last few days from various radio chat show hosts. I then checked in with Crooks and Liars to find that he had resigned effective yesterday. I would be the first person to call this sort of thing routine, supposing that many an Administration's appointees had resigned in the past rather than sink deeper into controversy and bring their President down along with them.

Then, the comment in the article I read said:

So this is what we can expect from Obama: When the right gets into full-froth rabid attack-dog mode, he folds. He'll even throw one of his best friends and most loyal liberal allies under the bus.

Best of all, he's just handed the most rabid of the haters who are undermining his agenda -- namely, Glenn Beck and the rest of the Fox crew -- their biggest scalp yet. The crowing that will follow is just the start.

They certainly won't be satisfied with this. Hell, this is just the appetizer. Beck has already made clear that Valerie Jarrett is the next one in his sights.

I'm watching Press Secretary Robert Gibbs chatting with Stephanolopolous and it seems to underscore the C & L article above. In the long term, sunny, sweet and smart wins over all else. Sadly, this is not a long-term fight . . the Legislature will have some sort of bill to vote on in the next three months and either it passes or it falls to pieces for another 10-15 years.

By my nature, I'm not inclined to anger, vitriol or puffing up grains of truth in to a tubful of b.s. I've signed an online petition posted by Howard Dean making my opinion known about health insurance reform. Whatever your take on all of the facts may be, it is time to make your voice heard as well.

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