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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The 10 Highest-Paid CEOs Who Laid Off The Most Workers: Institute For Policy Studies (PHOTOS)

Fun With Math: I took $598 million and divided this number by $40,000 (a ballpark guess at an average annual salary -- $30,000 in gross paychecks plus $10,000 in benefits). I come up with 14,950. This is how many employees that $598 million could compensated. I'll let you spread the 14,950 amongst the corporations. Sounds more like the layoffs were an excuse to lay off employees whom the corps thought were earning too much or who were destined to become pension qualified and/or 401(k) fully vested. How many gallons of milk, loaves of bread and other necessities does one CEO need? Couldn't any of these CEOs made the symbolic gesture of lowering their total compensation.

What happens when these 14,950 laid off employees figure out just what's going on?
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