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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Steven Slater, JetBlue Flight Attendant, Curses Passengers, Jumps Down Emergency Chute, Becomes Folk Hero (UPDATES, VIDEO, PHOTOS, POLL)

I've worked in customer service over 15 years. I have listened to drunks, people as high as kites and those who are way more angry and frustrated then their presented problem deserves. 95 times out of 100, these people are drunk/high/angry/frustrated at something well before they get to me. Working in Call Centers all of this time, I had one more tool than the flight attendant had: I can place those customers on hold and collect myself. It is rare, but I have told customers who cannot calm down that I have had "incompetent" employees fired (though no employee was fired) and have offered to accept a return on merchandise though the customer didn't ask for it just to get them to calm down. On some, it works and my employer never had to deal with those miserable customers again. On others, nothing I did or said calmed them down. I pray the attendant's family situation is resolved, he can get some help for himself and, one day, he may return to the job he loves.
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