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Thursday, July 22, 2010

1st Lt. Choi and I now have two things in common

Before today, it was just one thing uniting us. The unity between any two out gay men makes many nervous, giggly, squirmy to talk about. In all fairness, he doesn't know me and me seeing him interviewed tonight does nothing earth-shattering in me getting to know him as a person.

He and I will always be gay.

Now, we both share this particular day as the day we both were fired from our primary livelihood.

While Lieutenant (now "Mr.", I guess) Choi admits to having been in his chosen livelihood "since (he) was eighteen (years old)" and I was working a 40 hour a week (not including the 1 hour lunch time and 80 minute, one-way commute) for the last 16 months, the feeling he described having for much of the day nicely sums up my own feelings in the last few hours since my unceremonious firing.

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There is every possibility that Choi has a career as a rally/protest/community organizer, a politician or even make some other use of the skills he learned while in the National Guard.

While he weighs his options, I will weigh mine. Meanwhile, with all of this free time on my hands, maybe I'll post a little more often.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what happened to Choi (& the link didn't work, at least from my palm pre internet connection), but I have this to say: What ding-dong to let you go!

Are you saying that being gay had something to do with your working demise? Or is that a coincidence in relation to Choi?? I know I'm blonde, it's late & am waiting 4 ambien to kick in, but sometimes I need puns pointed out!

So sorry Tom. You can come over to the pool & hang with me & we can bash those Beyatches if you want! Here 4 ya Bro.

Anonymous said...

Tom - I am so sorry that you were let go - fired - from your job. I know that feeling, having gone through it once or twice myself.

Watching Choi's interview makes me angry as well. Discrimination against anyone should be unlawful and is unethical. How the US Government allows this to continue is hateful and immoral.

I am hoping, though, that you're firing had nothing to do with your being gay. Let's be honest - how would that knowledge take away from your honest and efficient work habits?

We're all in support of you.


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