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Sunday, March 7, 2010

So what did the big award show fan with no fashion sense think of the clothes tonight?

With thanks to a local TV station for the photos, here's what made me smile and cringe. There's 52 photos, so I list below my "smile-worthy" and "cringe-worthy" outfits:

"Smile-worthy": 1 , 5 (like a princess)
6 (finally, after so many fashion yucks!)
10 (I didn't care much about what he wore - he just gets hotter looking as he gets older!)
11 (mostly for the gems, though I was loving most all of the gray and most all the dark blue outfits were lovely)
22 (he's known for his eye for fashion, so no surprise)
24 (wow!)
28 (the print dress at first look, ugh! A full shot look - so pretty!)
36 (another princess. lovely!)

"Cringe-worthy": 3 (twice over. Ruffles are only for potatoes, ladies!!)
16 (when you don't have to guess where the breasts are -- the clothing points it out ?!? really??)
18 (see #3, but her hair, jewels and makeup was quite nice, so I was close to leaving this one off either column)
20 (it looked like a rental. You're doing OK and you can dress nicely - spring for a name brand tux, brother)
21 (c'mon - 2 bad ones in a row? aww!)
33 (WTF !?!)
39 (I would have to use language I don't permit myself to use here)
41 (the suit -- nice! the attitude - yuck!)
51 (bad color, bad use of metal and unflattering)
52 (I'm a flip flop, boat shoe type, but even I would know not to wear sneakers at this sort of event)

No surprises in the award winners, but I was cheering at the last two awards given. If I can get a few pics of the aftermath tomorrow, I'll get those posted. Thumb-free.

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